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About Video Exchange Lessons

 When a piece/lesson is ready for review - You create a video
  • A short clips, or…
  • One long video with a few pieces (no longer than 15 mins)
  • Cell phone, ipad videos work well
  • Audio files/voice notes work well also
  • Feel free to ask questions, make comments during the video

 Share the video, choose one of 3 options
  1. Post the video in the Private Exchange Forum (create thread, then add video as an attachment)
  2. Upload video to anywhere a parent feels is secure (google drive, youtube, sky drive) and email me the link, or post link in the Private Exchange Forum
  3. If the video is short, email me the video and I will post to the forum for you
Teacher Review
  • I will post a reply in the private forum by video, email or voice notes
  • I will post a video teaching next lesson/concept/piece