Fluency of playing and skill mastery occurs mainly at home through consistent practicing.  In weekly lessons, we introduce new techniques, provide guidance and feedback.

  • Daily at-home practice is the key to skill mastery.
  • Each student is expected to practice at least 5 days a week for the length of his/her lesson time.
  • Please establish a consistent practice time at home and support your student in practicing daily.
  • Be involved in your child’s practice at home, especially with beginners or younger students.
  • Review the lesson assignments with your student(s) to ensure reasonable preparation for lessons.


  • Each piece improved over previous lesson
  • Technic, scales, chords improved over previous lesson
  • Written work, theory assignments completed
  • All books, music and assignment book brought to lesson
  • Parents - please initial practice time weekly, indicating that you have listened to your student practice

Two unprepared lessons will result in a conference with parents. After three unprepared lessons, the student may be dropped.



Monthly fees are due by the first lesson of the following month (for example, January lesson fees are due by the first lesson in February). A reminder invoice or electronic payment link will be sent at the end of the month, or you can email me for balance due at anytime. Online payments are preferred, cash/check are also accepted.



Private lessons are given weekly.  Parents are required to attend with beginning students age 7 and younger.  Parents are welcome to attend any time with older students.  Every month or two we do a group lesson, which is 30-60 minutes and combines students of similar age and experience.  Group lesson may be in addition to, or in place of private lessons, depending on scheduling. Make-up times are generally not offered, however, you may be able to trade spots with another student if a scheduling conflict arises. If a student is unable to attend a lesson, video exchange lessons are available. There will be no lessons during school vacation breaks such as UEA, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Day, Spring Break, etc.



  • Provide a regular practice time and support your student with positive reinforcement
  • Sign practice time each week
  • Provide a well maintained instrument with all keys and pedals, strings, etc in good working order
  • Tune piano at least once a year
  • Provide adequate books and supplies
  • Parents are always welcome to attend lessons
  • Ask questions of the teacher and provide feedback to help your child succeed


  • Please arrive and leave on time
  • Please silence cell phones during lesson time
  • Please keep nails trimmed and hands clean
  • Please stay in the music room(s) during lesson time or while waiting
  • Please show respect for the instrument by keeping hands, feet, bodies in proper placement
  • Please do not bring friends, toys, food or animals to lessons